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Get Set Tech LLC: Experts in Google Workspace Optimization, Chrome Management, Google Security, and AI.



We identify efficiencies and create new processes that will transform your organizational productivity and implementation of cloud solutions.


We’re ruthlessly honest about what we see and how to best support your organization because we’re invested in the stability and growth of your company. Let a trusted solutions builder give you direction, guidance, expertise, and care for your infrastructure.


Getting to the root of the problem will make your Cloud journey potent and transformational. Let’s examine what problem you are solving and identify a clear strategy to holistically improve your organization.

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Are you considering transitioning to Google Workspace? Do you want to switch your existing infrastructure to Google's premier collaboration platform? Get Set Tech offers comprehensive migration services from Google to Google, Microsoft to Google, and other platforms, covering all aspects from A to Z. We also provide training, technical support, and a reliable action plan. Let us guide you through a secure, systematic, and clear migration process.

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Looking to manage your Chromebook environment effectively? We can provide Chrome licenses and share best practices for Chrome management. Contact us by email to secure your licenses. Additionally, we offer audits of your Chrome policy settings to ensure they are optimized for security and performance. Let us help you enhance and secure your Chromebook management strategy.

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Struggling to keep up with Google updates? Feel like you're not making the most of your Google Workspace or Chrome environment? Our team is here to elevate your skills with professional development sessions for your staff. We'll guide you through the extensive range of Google tools and services, teaching you how to optimize and manage your environment effectively. Let us help you harness the full potential of Google to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

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ChromeOS Audit

Want to refresh your fleet but unsure which model is best? Let us run our ChromeOS Device Insight report. In just 30 days, you'll know what's working and what needs an update.

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Concerned about vulnerabilities in your Google Workspace? Want to ensure your settings are current and safeguarding your domain effectively? Let us conduct a thorough audit of your Google Workspace. We'll examine your OAuth configurations, multi-factor authentication, and much more. Our detailed assessment will identify areas for improvement and provide vital recommendations to enhance the security and efficiency of your environment.

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Ready to transition your on-prem servers to the cloud? Let us help you modernize your environment with Google's fast, reliable, resilient, and powerful cloud-based tools. With extensive experience in managing multiple migrations, we're eager to assist your company in leveraging Google Cloud. Contact us today to get started!

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Enhance your communication capabilities with Google Voice, a key offering from our suite of tools. Google Voice provides a robust, streamlined solution for managing calls, voicemails, and messaging across all your devices. Ideal for businesses seeking to unify their communication systems, it offers features such as spam filtering, call forwarding, and transcriptions. Elevate your company's telecommunication infrastructure with Google Voice—contact us to learn more and get started today!

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Let us manage your Workspace so you can focus on what you love doing. We are cost effective, security oriented, and love giving organizations to focus on their passion. We can provision users, manage groups, maintain security settings, and so much more.



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For close to a decade Get-Set-Tech has guided schools, hospitals, nonprofits and for profit businesses toward taking the right action. We implement cost-effective, and innovative technology solutions. We take the time to get to know the landscape with an honest approach that evaluates each strength and vulnerability, and create a collaborative plan that allows us to put your passion front and center. We’ve seen firsthand that comprehensive planning helps build stronger, and more successful organizations.

Steve Netniss

Head of Technology 

Steve Netniss is a certified Google Workspace Collaboration engineer and Google Cloud Digital Leader. Steve has a proven track record for helping organizations. Steve is ready to listen, learn and support your company. Steve doesn’t claim to  have all the answers but he loves the journey of discovery and growth. 


Mark Trainor


Mark specializes in creating visual experiences that tell your company's story. Mark doesn't just like building websites, he loves providing solutions and inviting users into a narrative. Let him help you with your website and increase engagement. 


Adam Scheidegger
Solutions Specialist

Adam is always learning, creating, and is an expert with interpersonal skills. Adam pulls together information to discern the best options for moving ideas forward. He values honesty, thoroughness, and making things simpler. Adam has many years of experience in Meraki, Windows, and Apple environments. Adam would love to chat with you and your team.  



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To say I am satisfied does not express my gratitude for Steve and his team's expertise. I am delighted. I was faced with a critical and sensitive urgent matter. Through mutual connections I reached out to Steve and Get Set Tech. Steve was able to quickly evaluate the severity of our issue and quickly put a plan together, and we were able execute the fix. Get Set Tech LLC gets big kudos from us and has moved into a preferred vendor role at our facility.”


Ori Adler

American Hat Makers


Success Stories
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Are you ready to start your tech modernization journey? Whatever you're facing, we'll point you to the next right step.  Contact our team to learn more about how we leverage technology to help improve your business.
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